Grandpa's Cowboy Party

January 22, 2010 -- Dumont Legion Hall

Celebrating Grandpa's long, happy life.

We set up the Legion Hall with a "Cowboy" theme because that's what Grandpa liked best -- Cowboys.  He always loved John Wayne so we put a big John Wayne standee on the end of one table and had pictures lined up of Grandpa across the table with spurs and stirrups and cowboy hats and boots along with a trifold of snapshots taken of him throughout his life.

 We had some twinkle lights set up across one table around his pictures so it looked like candles glimmering when we turned down the lights for the slide show presentation...
A close up shot of the pics on one table...with cowboy table cloths and straw scattered down the middle of the table!  :o)
A close up shot of the trifold that had snapshots taped to it table...
In the entryway we had straw bales with a cowboy cutout next to it and a saddle with a cowboy hat sitting on top.  Kelly made up some cards with Grandpa's life on them and they were sitting on this table with the sign in book and the Great Spirit Indian statue.     The other picture is a close up of the second table with Grandpa's service pics and some others of his childhood.
There was a big screen in the front of the room where a slide show played with pics of Grandpa's life.   Kelly made sure there were funny slides in between the sad slides so nobody would start crying .... this is supposed to be a party, remember??   :o)
More family arrives in the afternoon while Kerry is still setting up the food.
Dani is in charge of the "technical" stuff .... McKenzie and Cindy help Kerry in the kitchen.... Dani and Krystle pose together .... a close up of John Wayne (he was the life of the party!!)
Little Joe, Connor, and Colin play cars while they wait for the people to arrive.   Lauren hangs out with Grandma  Hey!  Grandma's got her Scottsdale shirt on!!
Kerry makes up some DELICIOUS food in the kitchen!! ..... Denise catches up with everybody
Ooo, Lauren!   I like those boots!! :o) .....Kenzie and Connor sample the snacks before everybody gets there ... Jenny holds Isabella while she sleeps.  She's such a good baby!!
Everybody hangs out waiting for the food to get done and the people to arrive ...
Everybody visits with each other and catches up....
While we wait everbody reads Kelly's card about Grandpa and look at all the pics on the tables ....
Colin helps pick up the table .... Cindy and Aunt Jo help set up, too
Kenzie guards the drinks ... Kerry catches up with Linda .... Fancy, hand painted cowboy boots adorn all the tables
We're all ready for the people to get here!!
Diane hangs out with Lauren ..... Krystle holds baby Isabella .... Denise and Grandma wait for the people .... Colin plays with his cars...
DeAnna, Connor, and Little Joe check out all of Grandpa's pics... Jenny lost her baby!! Where'd Isabella go?? ... Deanna talks to Little Joe
Still waiting .....
It was kind of like a party --- everyone was smiling and having fun seeing each other again.
Ashley, Diane, and Dallas discussing something really important .... Dani hangs with Isabella
John and Joe talk to Debbie and Mike ..... Linda needs a kleenex!!  Don't cry Linda! It's a PARTY!!
Lauren and Grandma are best buds!!  .....  Russ get a drink in the kitchen.
Russ tries to get the video running again....Krystle eats a cracker.
Everybody finds a seat for the video premier!!
John tells more stories .... and then Joe and Cindy add on and tell more stories .... I don't believe any of them....:o)
Baby Isabella glides around the floor as everyone visits ..... The boys are planning some kind of trouble .... Kelly and Krystle together
More stories in the kitchen .... It's getting pretty deep in there!!
Clarke Brown Did it!!!  (inside joke....) ... Larry and his girlfriend drink some beers and watch the video ... More people come in to celebrate Grandpa's life.   Kelly and Grandma talk to Larry.
Um .... no wonder those stories were getting out of control.  Is that TWO drinks in Joe's hands??    ...and the people keep coming ....
John talks to Jane and he tells her "CLARK BROWN DID IT!!!" .... Sally talks to Judy and gets everything lined up in the kitchen
It's starting to get a little crowded in here!!
John's fruit drink that he had WAY too many of ..... Kerry talks to Karen ....Cindy keeps an eye on the kids ... Even more people come in to celebrate.
It's been so long since we've seen some of these people!!
Joe and Clark and Kelly and Grandma in the first picture ..... Joe and John in the second picture
Some of Grandpa's Legion friends come to his celebration .... John tries to talk to everybody
Joe and Clark talk about the good ol' days ... I think that's Karen T in front of them (Behind Betty).  They're telling her that Clark didn't do it .... Billy did.
Ker takes a break for a minute while Kelly talks to Larry and his girlfriend .... more pretty hand painted boots on the tables (thanks to Lori M!!) .... Smile Larry!! ..... Judy K tries to help people get their plates in the kitchen.
Larry eats a sandwich with Debbie smiling in the background ... Joe talks to the Legion guy .... Everybody LOVES Kerry's food!! -- and see ... we had horse plates and cowboy cups to drink out of.   :o)
This place packed up real fast after the doors opened at 4:00 ... by 4:30 it was standing room only!!!   Wow!! Grandpa had a LOT of friends!!!
What a fun party.  There were so many other people there that I didn't get a picture of.    People just kept streaming in the whole afternoon.  The party was supposed to go from 4-6 but we were still there by 7:30pm!!!   We finally said WOW!  We need to pack up and get outta here!!!   So we picked up the cowboy boots and saddle and swept up the hay.  We put Mr John Wayne back in his box and all said good bye to one another.    It was a very fun night.   ....So many memories we all have together.  .... So much we've all been through.   I think Grandpa was there with us that night.  I think he was happy that nobody was crying and sad.   It was a true cowboy celebration.

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