2008 Christmas Pictures

Christmas Kitchen 2008
Welcome Christmas Bear .... Kelly cooks for the crew on Christmas morning! ..... Festive Baker's Rack
More cooking pics on Christmas Morning ...... another shot of the Christmas Kitchen
Lots of pretty cookies for Christmas!! ..... Joe and Kelly eat some Christmas chow ...
WOW!  Look at all those Christmas Goodies!!
Everybody gathers around the table to eat Christmas morning .....Kelly dishes up some casserole for Connor
Joe give Kelly bunny ears while Colin watches ...Dani has a BIG Breakfast ... All the plates and glasses ready to go!
Happy sits at the table with everyone .....Kerry, Grandma, and Louise in the kitchen
Another shot of the Christmas Kitchen when it's not so busy ....Happy takes a nap on the penguin rug...
YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF ..... you're too lazy to finish your new wood floor with trim on the edges to cover the gaps next to the wall so you break out the staple gun and Christmas garland to cover all the holes in the floor... Ho Ho Ho!!!
Some more decorations around the house
Christmas Tree 2008 ...... a shot of the organ all decked out for Christmas
Some close up shots of the tree .... so many ornaments that they're hung 3-4 deep on each branch
Kelly, Cally, and Buddy watch the kids open presents ... Dani concentrates on her package ... the kids open more presents
Too many puppies in this little house!!!
Russ flips off the camera -- grinch ...... Kelly gets new BATISTA Socks!!!! (Thanks Dani!!) ... Colin makes a funny face
Connor makes a funny face ...... Kelly and Dani pose for the camera ..... Kiki tries to get Joe
More decorations ....santa wreath ... snowman toilet ..... wooden carolers
Kelly gets a brand new Nikon D90 for Christmas!!  Wahooooo!!
Joe and his big Christmas Fish Pillow ... Kelly's horse footies ..... new lighted penguin
kelly gets a Bose docking station with a brand new ipod!! ... Christmas curio .... Christmas tables
Kelly and her new candle from Steve!  Thanks Steve!! ...Connor has a staring contest with Buddy ... Megan plays with Maggie
Kelly and Dani LOVE Pizza Hut Gift Cards!!! .... Grandma shows off her new Ginger sweatshirt
Everyone getting tired after all the unwrapping...
2008 Santas
WOW that's a lotta dogs ....
The dogs LOVE McKenzie!! ... the Kids like their presents!
Joe, Connor, Kelly, Kenzie, Dani, Grandma, Colin, and Cindy are FREEZING outside!
...and more decorations ...
Dani, Louise, Kelly, Megan, Kerry, and Keith
2008 Christmas Fireplace
Bathroom doorway and festive aisle to bathroom
...and here's a shot of the inside of the bathroom
More cookies and candies for Christmas  dinner!! ... Here are those disgusting Petit Fours from Swiss Colony that are Russ's favorites ...eewwww .....
The famous $150 turkey from New York...... Close up of the Peach Bourbon Fried Turkey from Jive Turkey in New York.   Kelly ordered it 4 weeks in advance so they could have one for Christmas.  Mmmmm Mmmmmm!!
Happy takes his normal position at the dinner table (and if you look close you can see Buddy, too!) .... Happy---Don't you DARE get that Lemon pie or Russ will KILL YOU!!
Russ and Dani pose for the camera ...they're SO FULL!!!! ......Russ gives the puppies some of the turkey
Even the big dogs -- Apollo and Buffy -- get to come inside on Christmas.
Close up shot of Pollo and Buffy on the new couch ....... such a loooooong day -- Pollo takes a nap by the tree.  Goodnight!
Earlier in the season, Kelly goes to Grandmas to make Christmas Cookies!  .... here is Grandma holding up a reindeer she's working on
Kelly puts the finishing touches on some Christmas Trees .... look at that awesome plate of Santas!!
UH OH!   Kelly and Grandma get caught eating some of the cookies!!
Dani and Kelly finish up even more cookies back at home...
Wow!  That's a lotta cookies!!
Bells, Stars, Teddy Bears and Angels -- so pretty
Could it be?   Could Kelly and Russ really be Mr and Mrs Santa Claus??? ..... Nope.  Russ is way too mean.

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